Sunday, 5 May 2013

anger management

Anger management techniques
It is said that the world would become a colourless place without emotions. Anger is considered to be the most prominent emotions of all. Anger is an emotion experienced by one and all be it humans or non humans (animals).  Mild amounts of anger are natural and normal. But, thanks to our busy lifestyles and changes in life patterns aggression amongst people has increased day by day. Anger is not just an emotion or just a state of mind. It triggers heart rate, blood pressure and levels of adrenalin. Anger has several benefits too, and forms part of our fight and flight response. Anger tends to take over the decisions of human and animals too when they are angry. It is a predominant emotion and takes over our behaviour.
But, at times anger can make you take wrong decisions too. Thus, it is important to regulate this emotion too. Some ways to tame your temper are as follows:
1.     Tune in to your feelings and try to find logical responses for the same.
2.     Step back and think what is making you feel angry and what steps can be taken to solve that problem.
3.     Practice damage control and chose solutions that can benefit you the most.
4.     Try and seek help from a counsellor or someone whose decisions you trust.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Movie review "ek thi daayan"

Movie Review – Ek thi daayan
Ekta kapoor has earned a great name as the producer of highly entertaining daily soap series of “saas bahu” serials. She has proved herself to be a great producer in the cinema field too.  She has been successful in delivering hits in all genre be it laughathons like kya kool hain hum or realistic movies like love, sex or dhoka. The versatile producer adds one more feather to her hat by adding completely different yet entertaining genre to her career, the supernatural thriller “Ek Thi Daayan”. This is definitely the most realistic witchcraft that Indian cinema has ever witnessed. Our country holds within it deep dark secrets of superstitions, blackmagic, witchtales and other endless paranormal stories of birth and death. Talking about Daayans, it is said that they are ravishing creatures, have long plaits and black eyes. Ek thi daayan tends to take you to an entirely different world of superstitions and immortal stories. The movie has a smartly integrated screenplay.
The story revolves around a leading Indian magician bobo (Emraan Hashmi) and Tamara (Huma Qureshi) whose lives are falling apart. Bobo starts hallucinating that a daayan will come to ruin her life and haunt his girlfriend Tamara. Bobo decides to ignore the fact and move on with life. And then came the purely irresistible Lisa Dutta (kalki koechlin). Bobo is completely convinced that she is a “Daayan”. But is she really a daayan or is Bobo hallucinating things all over again? The climax is completely unpredictable and that is what makes the movie a blockbuster.
Songs are great, lyrics is mind blowing and the caste has nailed its characters. And Kalki Koechlin has claimed her performance with mind blowing acting. She delivers a terrific performance throughout the film. On the whole “Ek thi daayan” is an appealing supernatural thriller. It tends to catch your attention till the last scene. A must watch for all non-believers of supernatural epics. It takes you for a drive to a different world.  

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

social networking

A way of living- social networking
 “Networking is not about hunting. It’s about cultivating relationships”. This is 21st century! People around the globe are available just at a click of the mouse. Today social networking is grouping people with common interest. On professional front especially at work places, universities etc. it is an important space to gather and share first hand information and experiences.
Well! Anyway the topics and interests are as varied and rich as the story of our universe. There is never a scarcity of talks or topics. When it comes to social sites i.e social networking websites, who can forget facebook and twitter. E-mails are eventually becoming smitten and facebook is attracting eye balls around the globe. From teens to octogenarians all are facebook obsessed. A cyber space has changed the map of the world. Socialising includes visiting each other’s profile pages and possibly even contacting them.
From revolution to debating, from nationalism to national integration, from politics to politicians, from revenge to envy and then to flirtism, greed of every emotion is satisfied here. You may dream to get your prince charming here and end up meeting a male chauvinist. Mind you people, cupid is always at work here.
As a matter of fact, social media is all about sociology and psychology more than technology. It is the best example of integrity in diversity. There are numerous websites on cyber space, some are focussed i.e they have a relevant reason for existence other than just socialising.

Book review, I too had a love story

A love story is somewhat like a sieve which tends to allow all sorrows to stay on the top while the rest collects below .In the hustle and bustle of daily life, I came across the saga of a couple which made me recognize a new horizon of ‘love’. I too had a love story is a novel inspired by a true tale. It tends to make you ponder upon a new dimension of love, life, death, joy, sorrow and every beautiful emotion which still exists somewhere in this grim world. Moreover, the past tense of the title tends to attract your attention. I too had a love story, is a debut novel of the author,Ravinder Singh .
Well generally we categorize a love story as a story of a boy a girl and a problem which is solved by the end and the story end and the story ends on a happy note .To dispel your illusions I too had a love story is definitely not one of them. the book is emarked with a tragic end which explains the logic of past tense of the title. The book is a perfect blend of every possibly existing emotion of the world. Everyone who will come across this book will be able to relate to its own love story somehow.  Like every story it has a simple approachable boy Ravin and a charming girl next door Khushi. Their dreams aspiration and emmence love that is still waiting to be bloomed. Alas!! thing don’t happen as he had thought as destiny had other plans for them. You would be able to feel every pinch of emotion which the author has tried to portray through his words. The simplicity of the language and story will bind you to read every single word of the book. If you are looking for a literary piece this book this book is definitely not the one for you. Giving out more about the story would not do justice to any aspiring reader. but I can definitely Assure you that you will find yourself empathizing with the author effortlessly.                      Anyone who has been bitten by the “love bug” would find it sensitive enough to cry his eyes out by the end. the book doesn’t involve any of the lavish or extravagant stuff. Some books take you for a surprise and this is one of them.
The story tends to struck a chord with almost everyone who comes across it. it leaves you spell struck with some very basic gut unanswered questions like Is love beyond external beauty?
Is love just skin deep?
Can modern day gadget like cell phones and the www.era era of the internet bring you the love of your life?
How would you react when a beautiful person makes all your dreams come true and then one day goes away form you…………..forever?
Well all I would like to say is that not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stories are left incomplete. Yet they are beautiful is their own way.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Just wana brag a minute
Well!! You know how good I am at dancing. Everyone as usual was highly impressed by the act.
Oh!! You can’t imagine how ravishing I was looking at the ceremony. People seemed to be amazed by my flawless beauty. We all encounter phrases like these nearly every day of our life.
“He who is humble is confident and wise
He who brags is insecure and lacking.”
Yawn!! Age old stories. Phrases like these are a thing of past now. In today’s scenario bragging is neither considered crass nor a thing for wackos. Though it still infuriates people. Bragging is a part and parcel of both success and popularity today. Though bragging is not an attractive trait, but lets be honest, the one how catches the big fish doesn’t go back home through an alley. Bragging can produce many benefits in life, it forms part of genuine attempt to convey the good points out yourself to others in need of being persuade of your virtues. But then the question arises how to brag without being narcissistic? One should brag in a way that it still attracts reverence by the people. Moreover bragging modestly about yourself gets people to attract to you, learn more about you, and shows that you have a great self esteem.
One can easily attract eye-balls while bragging by following some guidelines. First of all keep the word “I” out of context. Because using the word “I” in every sentence labels you as arrogant, self-centred and self-absorbed. But, it isn’t possible to talk about oneself without using the word “I”. So it must be taken care that “I” must be toned down in terms of self reference.
Consider using phrases such as:
“my skill set is”
“my ability to do this can be demonstrated by”
Secondly look forward to acknowledge compliments given by people but do not try to return the compliment immediately as it soundless sincere.
Be dauntless to recognise your own achievements. A thumb rule is only to brag about something which you would compliment someone else on. That way, you are sure to be less self-centred..
So, blow your triumph blissfully.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Diabetes day

In today’s fast paced life when people are going insane for power and money, the importance of health has diminished. People have forgotten that health is an indispensable and unavoidable matter of concern. Health issues amongst the people of all ages is alleviating at an alarming rate. Health issues have crossed the borders of age groups long back. When it comes critical ailments age has no bar. Though the increase in rush in gymnasiums has created an image that youngsters and middle aged men and women have become health conscious now a day. Alas!! To dispel your illusions I would like to state a well known yet ignored fact that youngsters are now craving to become debonair out there in the society. It’s not the matter of becoming healthy now, it is  now  the concern of looking ravishing that is dragging them to the gymnasiums.
Well!! When it comes to acknowledging some acute ailments which top the list of health threats today “diabetes” tops the list. Diabetes also known as “sugar” in a layman’s words is medically stated to be a biological condition when a person is unable to produce or use and store glucose which is identified a form of sugar found foods and used by body cells to attain energy. Diabetes is one of the commonest ailments since decades. Diabetes was earlier recognized to be the disease of the 40+ age group. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fall true in scenario today. Today anyone, no matter which gender and which age anyone can be a victim of this disease.
The alleviation of the number of people stricken by this ailment is alarming. This indeed has become a subject of grave concern for health experts. Thus, to increase awareness amongst the masses, health experts have declared 14 November as the World diabetes day. No matter how many efforts are done by the health experts around the globe, people will have to take a step forward to attain good health. So, all you people out there, stay healthy and fit as a fiddle.