Sunday, 5 May 2013

anger management

Anger management techniques
It is said that the world would become a colourless place without emotions. Anger is considered to be the most prominent emotions of all. Anger is an emotion experienced by one and all be it humans or non humans (animals).  Mild amounts of anger are natural and normal. But, thanks to our busy lifestyles and changes in life patterns aggression amongst people has increased day by day. Anger is not just an emotion or just a state of mind. It triggers heart rate, blood pressure and levels of adrenalin. Anger has several benefits too, and forms part of our fight and flight response. Anger tends to take over the decisions of human and animals too when they are angry. It is a predominant emotion and takes over our behaviour.
But, at times anger can make you take wrong decisions too. Thus, it is important to regulate this emotion too. Some ways to tame your temper are as follows:
1.     Tune in to your feelings and try to find logical responses for the same.
2.     Step back and think what is making you feel angry and what steps can be taken to solve that problem.
3.     Practice damage control and chose solutions that can benefit you the most.
4.     Try and seek help from a counsellor or someone whose decisions you trust.

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