Sunday, 17 February 2013

Diabetes day

In today’s fast paced life when people are going insane for power and money, the importance of health has diminished. People have forgotten that health is an indispensable and unavoidable matter of concern. Health issues amongst the people of all ages is alleviating at an alarming rate. Health issues have crossed the borders of age groups long back. When it comes critical ailments age has no bar. Though the increase in rush in gymnasiums has created an image that youngsters and middle aged men and women have become health conscious now a day. Alas!! To dispel your illusions I would like to state a well known yet ignored fact that youngsters are now craving to become debonair out there in the society. It’s not the matter of becoming healthy now, it is  now  the concern of looking ravishing that is dragging them to the gymnasiums.
Well!! When it comes to acknowledging some acute ailments which top the list of health threats today “diabetes” tops the list. Diabetes also known as “sugar” in a layman’s words is medically stated to be a biological condition when a person is unable to produce or use and store glucose which is identified a form of sugar found foods and used by body cells to attain energy. Diabetes is one of the commonest ailments since decades. Diabetes was earlier recognized to be the disease of the 40+ age group. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fall true in scenario today. Today anyone, no matter which gender and which age anyone can be a victim of this disease.
The alleviation of the number of people stricken by this ailment is alarming. This indeed has become a subject of grave concern for health experts. Thus, to increase awareness amongst the masses, health experts have declared 14 November as the World diabetes day. No matter how many efforts are done by the health experts around the globe, people will have to take a step forward to attain good health. So, all you people out there, stay healthy and fit as a fiddle.

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