Tuesday, 30 April 2013

social networking

A way of living- social networking
 “Networking is not about hunting. It’s about cultivating relationships”. This is 21st century! People around the globe are available just at a click of the mouse. Today social networking is grouping people with common interest. On professional front especially at work places, universities etc. it is an important space to gather and share first hand information and experiences.
Well! Anyway the topics and interests are as varied and rich as the story of our universe. There is never a scarcity of talks or topics. When it comes to social sites i.e social networking websites, who can forget facebook and twitter. E-mails are eventually becoming smitten and facebook is attracting eye balls around the globe. From teens to octogenarians all are facebook obsessed. A cyber space has changed the map of the world. Socialising includes visiting each other’s profile pages and possibly even contacting them.
From revolution to debating, from nationalism to national integration, from politics to politicians, from revenge to envy and then to flirtism, greed of every emotion is satisfied here. You may dream to get your prince charming here and end up meeting a male chauvinist. Mind you people, cupid is always at work here.
As a matter of fact, social media is all about sociology and psychology more than technology. It is the best example of integrity in diversity. There are numerous websites on cyber space, some are focussed i.e they have a relevant reason for existence other than just socialising.

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