Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Book review, I too had a love story

A love story is somewhat like a sieve which tends to allow all sorrows to stay on the top while the rest collects below .In the hustle and bustle of daily life, I came across the saga of a couple which made me recognize a new horizon of ‘love’. I too had a love story is a novel inspired by a true tale. It tends to make you ponder upon a new dimension of love, life, death, joy, sorrow and every beautiful emotion which still exists somewhere in this grim world. Moreover, the past tense of the title tends to attract your attention. I too had a love story, is a debut novel of the author,Ravinder Singh .
Well generally we categorize a love story as a story of a boy a girl and a problem which is solved by the end and the story end and the story ends on a happy note .To dispel your illusions I too had a love story is definitely not one of them. the book is emarked with a tragic end which explains the logic of past tense of the title. The book is a perfect blend of every possibly existing emotion of the world. Everyone who will come across this book will be able to relate to its own love story somehow.  Like every story it has a simple approachable boy Ravin and a charming girl next door Khushi. Their dreams aspiration and emmence love that is still waiting to be bloomed. Alas!! thing don’t happen as he had thought as destiny had other plans for them. You would be able to feel every pinch of emotion which the author has tried to portray through his words. The simplicity of the language and story will bind you to read every single word of the book. If you are looking for a literary piece this book this book is definitely not the one for you. Giving out more about the story would not do justice to any aspiring reader. but I can definitely Assure you that you will find yourself empathizing with the author effortlessly.                      Anyone who has been bitten by the “love bug” would find it sensitive enough to cry his eyes out by the end. the book doesn’t involve any of the lavish or extravagant stuff. Some books take you for a surprise and this is one of them.
The story tends to struck a chord with almost everyone who comes across it. it leaves you spell struck with some very basic gut unanswered questions like Is love beyond external beauty?
Is love just skin deep?
Can modern day gadget like cell phones and the www.era era of the internet bring you the love of your life?
How would you react when a beautiful person makes all your dreams come true and then one day goes away form you…………..forever?
Well all I would like to say is that not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stories are left incomplete. Yet they are beautiful is their own way.

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