Thursday, 2 May 2013

Movie review "ek thi daayan"

Movie Review – Ek thi daayan
Ekta kapoor has earned a great name as the producer of highly entertaining daily soap series of “saas bahu” serials. She has proved herself to be a great producer in the cinema field too.  She has been successful in delivering hits in all genre be it laughathons like kya kool hain hum or realistic movies like love, sex or dhoka. The versatile producer adds one more feather to her hat by adding completely different yet entertaining genre to her career, the supernatural thriller “Ek Thi Daayan”. This is definitely the most realistic witchcraft that Indian cinema has ever witnessed. Our country holds within it deep dark secrets of superstitions, blackmagic, witchtales and other endless paranormal stories of birth and death. Talking about Daayans, it is said that they are ravishing creatures, have long plaits and black eyes. Ek thi daayan tends to take you to an entirely different world of superstitions and immortal stories. The movie has a smartly integrated screenplay.
The story revolves around a leading Indian magician bobo (Emraan Hashmi) and Tamara (Huma Qureshi) whose lives are falling apart. Bobo starts hallucinating that a daayan will come to ruin her life and haunt his girlfriend Tamara. Bobo decides to ignore the fact and move on with life. And then came the purely irresistible Lisa Dutta (kalki koechlin). Bobo is completely convinced that she is a “Daayan”. But is she really a daayan or is Bobo hallucinating things all over again? The climax is completely unpredictable and that is what makes the movie a blockbuster.
Songs are great, lyrics is mind blowing and the caste has nailed its characters. And Kalki Koechlin has claimed her performance with mind blowing acting. She delivers a terrific performance throughout the film. On the whole “Ek thi daayan” is an appealing supernatural thriller. It tends to catch your attention till the last scene. A must watch for all non-believers of supernatural epics. It takes you for a drive to a different world.  

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