Sunday, 28 April 2013


Just wana brag a minute
Well!! You know how good I am at dancing. Everyone as usual was highly impressed by the act.
Oh!! You can’t imagine how ravishing I was looking at the ceremony. People seemed to be amazed by my flawless beauty. We all encounter phrases like these nearly every day of our life.
“He who is humble is confident and wise
He who brags is insecure and lacking.”
Yawn!! Age old stories. Phrases like these are a thing of past now. In today’s scenario bragging is neither considered crass nor a thing for wackos. Though it still infuriates people. Bragging is a part and parcel of both success and popularity today. Though bragging is not an attractive trait, but lets be honest, the one how catches the big fish doesn’t go back home through an alley. Bragging can produce many benefits in life, it forms part of genuine attempt to convey the good points out yourself to others in need of being persuade of your virtues. But then the question arises how to brag without being narcissistic? One should brag in a way that it still attracts reverence by the people. Moreover bragging modestly about yourself gets people to attract to you, learn more about you, and shows that you have a great self esteem.
One can easily attract eye-balls while bragging by following some guidelines. First of all keep the word “I” out of context. Because using the word “I” in every sentence labels you as arrogant, self-centred and self-absorbed. But, it isn’t possible to talk about oneself without using the word “I”. So it must be taken care that “I” must be toned down in terms of self reference.
Consider using phrases such as:
“my skill set is”
“my ability to do this can be demonstrated by”
Secondly look forward to acknowledge compliments given by people but do not try to return the compliment immediately as it soundless sincere.
Be dauntless to recognise your own achievements. A thumb rule is only to brag about something which you would compliment someone else on. That way, you are sure to be less self-centred..
So, blow your triumph blissfully.

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